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Water Survey

Water Survey is carried out as one of National Land Survey based on National Land Survey Law.
Compared with Land Classification Survey that clarify natural condition of land, Water Survey is the survey for clarifying the present condition and use of water which is the precious resource as well as national land.
Water Survey is classified into River System Survey and Ground Water Survey.
River System Survey is additionally classified into Major River System Survey on the first-class river system and the surroundings and Prefectural Water Survey on the second-class river system. Both Survey collects up the existing material on hydrology, water use and river improvement in the river basin and execute field survey etc. The result is compiled as Water Use Map and Explanatory Data Book.
Ground Water Survey compiles data of facility’s scale and groundwater level, hydrogeology etc. on deep well in the whole country into Deep Well Ledger and also Ground Water Map.

Water Survey
River System Survey
Major River System Survey
(The first-class river system)
Prefectural Water Survey
(The second-class river system)
Ground Water Survey

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