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Summary of White Paper on Land (2007)


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Summary of White Paper on Land (2007)

Chapter 1 Recent Land Market Developments and Structural Land Market Changes
Section 1 Changing Trends in Land Prices and The Background Thereto
  1. Land Price Trends
  2. Rising Land Demand in Regions Offering Higher Convenience and Profitability
  3. Expanding Market for Real Estate Investment Focusing on Profitability
  4. New Developments in Non-Metropolitan Land Markets
  5. New Developments Accompanying the Utilization of Real Estate Assets as Financial Products
Section 2 Problems and Efforts in Relation to Reasonable Pricing Through Transparent, Fair Markets
  1. Expansion of Real Estate Appraisal Services
  2. Development and Provision of Transaction Data, Including Prices
  3. Promotion of Cadastral Surveys
  4. Efforts to Invigorate Rural Real Estate Markets
Chapter 2 Socio-Economic Changes and Appropriate Land Utilization
Section 1 Socio-Economic Changes and Popular Perceptions of Land Utilization
  1. Changes to the socio-economic structure
  2. Declining population and Citizens’ Perceptions of Land Utilization
Section 2 Regional Land Utilization Problems and Efforts in Population-falling Society
  1. Invigoration through urban area development and concentration of urban functions
  2. Taking advantage of existing facilities to improve or conserve town landscapes
  3. Creating comfortable living environments in suburban areas
  4. Utilization and conservation of regional resources including farmland and forests
Chapter 3 Trends of Land Use (Data)
Section 1 Distribution of Land Use
Section 2 Agricultural and Forestry Land Use
  1. Trends in Agricultural Land
  2. Trends of Forestry Land
Section 3 Trends in Industrial Location
Section 4 Trends in Office Locations
Section 5 Trends in Residential Property and Residential Land
  1. Trends in the Supply of Residential Land
  2. Trends in Residential Property Construction
Chapter 4 Trends in Land Ownership and Land Transactions
Section 1 Trends in Land Ownership
  1. Land Ownership by the Private Sector
  2. Land Owned by the Public Sector
  3. Current Status of Value of Assets of Land
Section 2 Land Transactions
  1. Trends in Land Transactions
  2. Current Status of Land Transactions by Parties
  3. Size of Land Investment classified by Institutional Sectors
Chapter 5 Land Price Trends in 2006 as Indicated by Published Land Prices for 2007
  1. Overview of the Tokyo Region
  2. Overview of the Osaka Region
  3. Overview of the Nagoya Region
  4. Overview of Other Region

The Basic Land Act

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