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Summary of White Paper on Land (2005)


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Summary of White Paper on Land (2005)

Chapter 1 Socio-economic Change and the Issues Influencing Effective Land Use (Topics of the year)
Section 1 The Progress of Structural Change in Land Markets
  1. Structural Changes in the Socio-Economic Environment Surrounding Land Markets
  2. Changes in Public and Corporate Awareness of Land Issues
  3. Changes in Land-Ownership and Land-Use involving both Private Citizen and Corporations, – as shown in the “Basic Land Survey”
  4. Expansion of the Real-Property Securitization Market – and the Formation of a Property Investment Market
Section 2 Recent Movements in Land-Markets
  1. Trends in Land Prices and Land Transactions
  2. Public and Corporate Awareness of Trends in Land-Prices
Section 3 Changes in Demographic Structure and Land Use
  1. Progression to an Aging Society and Land Markets
  2. The Declining Population and Land Use
Section 4 Land Use and the Development of Beautiful and Attractive Regions
  1. Effective Land Use from the Viewpoint of Landscape Protection
  2. Land-Use Issues in Local Areas
Chapter 2 Progress in the Provision of Land Information
  1. The Promotion of Cadastral Surveys
  2. Utilization of Fixed-term Land Leases and Fixed-term Tenant Leases
  3. Progress in the Provision of Land-related Information
  4. Factors supporting the Promotion of Real Property Securitization
  5. The Enhancement of Real Property Appraisals
Chapter 3 Trends of Land Use (Data)
Section 1 Distribution of Land Use
Section 2 Agricultural and Forestry Land Use
  1. Trends in Agricultural Land
  2. Trends of Forestry Land
Section 3 Trends in Industrial Location
Section 4 Trends in Office Locations
Section 5 Trends in Residential Property and Residential Land
  1. Trends in the Supply of Residential Land
  2. Trends in Residential Property Construction
Chapter 4 Trends in Land Ownership and Land Transactions (Data)
Section 1 Trends in Land Ownership
  1. Land Ownership by the Private Sector
  2. Land Owned by the Public Sector
  3. Current Status of Value of Assets of Land
Section 2 Land Transactions
  1. Trends in Land Transactions
  2. Current Status of Land Transactions by Parties
  3. Size of Land Investment classified by Institutional Sectors
Chapter 5 Trends in Land Prices (Data)
Section 1 Land-price Trends in 2004 – based on 2005′s Published Land Prices
  1. General Conditions in the Tokyo Area
  2. General Conditions in the Osaka Area
  3. General Conditions in the Nagoya Area
  4. General Conditions in the Local Areas

The Basic Land Act

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