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Other data

Estimates asset value of real estate in JapanPDF file
Land pricea in Japan from 1974 to 2007PDF file
Land Price MovementPDF file
Major Eindings of Land Survey by Prefecture in 2007PDF file
Actual Securitization of Real Estate from FY 1997 to2006PDF file
Comparison with Foreign MarketsPDF file
Properties under J-REIT from 2001 to 2006 -Share by Location/Use-PDF file
Number of Share of Investments in J-REIT by Forign Corporations/IndidualsPDF file
Land Policy StructurePDF file
Stabiizing the Floe of Funds between Finnancial and Real Estate MarketsPDF file
Provision of Information on Transcation Prices of Real EstatePDF file
Creatiom of Real Estate market DatebasePDF file

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